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Empowering GenNext Farmers

CV Hydro is an innovative and forward-thinking company based in Melbourne, Australia, with a strong focus on bridging business interests and facilitating fruitful partnerships between Australian and Indian farmers, business owners, entrepreneurs and companies in the agricultural ecosystem.

Partnerships & memberships

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Our Story

The Pioneer of Soilless Horticulture & Hydroponics in India

CV Hydro is a mission of 22 years led by a single man with an audacity of hope. It's a brand of Aggragannya Skills Private Limited in India. We are primarily into skill-building, commercial turnkey consulting services, sales of world class farm inputs and business support services in the field of Soilless Agriculture.

Our Story

What we do

Our expertise coupled with the commitment to bring about a pesticide-free, dependable and affordable food revolution in India has compelled team CV Hydro to provide a spectrum of turnkey consultancy solutions to commercial farmers. We also train and consult individuals and organizations who wish to convert from soil to soilless cultivation and farming, handholding them every step of the way through this transformational process.

Skill building
Commercial Consulting
Farm Inputs Trading
Business Support Services
What We Do

Business Matching and Trade Facilitation

We offer comprehensive Business Matching and Trade Facilitation services, bridging the gap between growers, suppliers, and buyers. We facilitate connections, negotiate deals, and streamline trade processes to empower businesses in the soilless farming industry and enable successful international collaborations and market expansions.

Research Collaboration

We foster innovation and knowledge exchange by connecting researchers, institutions, and industries. We facilitate collaborations, provide expert guidance, and drive impactful research outcomes across diverse domains, empowering organizations to advance their research agenda and achieve breakthrough results.

Talent Sourcing

We specialize in identifying top talent in the agricultural sector. We leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to source skilled professionals, match them with the right organizations, and support the growth of the agricultural workforce, ensuring success for both employers and individuals.

Investment and Funding Opportunities:

We open doors to lucrative ventures in the agricultural and related industries. We connect investors with promising projects, facilitate funding partnerships, and provide valuable insights to capitalize on growth opportunities in this dynamic sector, driving sustainable and profitable investments.

Business Support Services



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